Nick's PIC Micro Projects.

My PIC Micro experimentation started with building my own programmer hardware based on the popular parallel port programmer designed by David Tait. Below is his schematic.
It requires an external power supply, however, as you cannot get the required voltage through the parallel port pins.

Being a software developer I have also developed the software to program a PIC micro (tested only with the 16F84) using the parallel programmer. I have two versions, one for Windows NT, and one for Linux.
I now only use Linux at home so the WinNT version development has come to a halt.

There is still work to do on this page but I intend to list the source code and schematics for my PIC projects, and the source code for the programming software.

The projects currently are:
Burglar Alarm (including a 12 key keypad).
Temperature monitor (using an LM75 I2C temp sensor, and 7 seg displays).
Recoding my car radio, its a long story.