Nick Thomas BEng (Hons) is a motivated and enthusiastic software developer with a technical background in C/C++, Linux kernel and userspace, SQL, Client/Server, Windows MFC and .NET. Most recently involved in all aspects of set-top-box development for UK and overseas. But, also worked in industrial automation in factory process control and oil/gas sectors. Educated to Degree level with excellent communication and interpersonal skills.  

  I am currently a Lead Software Engineer for Red Embedded Consulting. designing and developing embedded applications for the digital TV market.
Previously I have enjoyed software development in Industrial Control and Automation, and Database Analysis.
Maybe my next move will be to combine my data acquisition/processing and embedded software development skills and join the increasing 'Internet of Things' (IoT) market.

If you are interested in more details then you can review Nick's CV.
Or visit my LinkedIn page. Or visit my Google Sites page.

My technical skills include:
  Embedded software development on Nucleus+, iRMX, VxWorks, RTEMS, STLinux
  C/C++ application development in UNIX/Linux and NT/2K/XP.
  Linux device driver development.
  MSVC++ MFC GUI development for Win95/NT/2K/XP.
  TCP/IP Winsock application development for Win95/NT/2K/XP.
  RDBMS/SQL (Sculptor,Informix,MSSQL Server,MySQL).
  Website development using HTML/PHP/MySQL & PERL.
  Source control - PVCS, CVS, SourceSafe, SVN, Git
  PIC Micro, Arduino and Raspberry Pi.
  UNIX Shell Scripts.
  Documentation and Presentation.

I have worked for a variety of demanding small and large customers including Total Oil GB Ltd, Phillips Petroleum UK Ltd, Pirelli Tyres Ltd and Rank Hovis Milling Ltd.

I also have the ability to work on my own initiative, and as part of a team. In addition my presentation, communication and interpersonal skills are of a high standard at all levels.

You can read about some of the projects I have worked on in the Case Studies.

Contact details:
Mobile: 0795 072 9449

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